Q&A With Paul Quinn MBBS Hons Fracs

Q&A with paul quinn, MBBS(hons), Fracs

I have a dent on the tip of my nose, what are my surgical/non-surgical options? (Photos)

Hi RitaThanks for your question and photos. From your photos it appears you have a bifid tip deformity. This is actually a relatively common finding in both…Read More

How can you tell if you need a mini tummy tuck or a full tummy tuck?

Hi BelindaThanks for your excellent question. Even for Specialist Plastic Surgeons it is not always an easy decision to make between a mini or full tummy…Read More

125lbs 5'5 and 36A hoping to get Halle Berry's cleavage?

Hi EvieThanks for your question and photo. There are a couple of points worth considering here. Firstly, your existing breast anatomy may simply not allow…Read More

Have I bottomed out a little bit? I am 5 1/2 months post op. My nipples seem to be settling very high on my breasts.

Hi KelleyThanks for your question and photos. It’s always difficult to make any definitive comments from a few photos and certainly your Specialist Plastic…Read More

Can I get away with implants without a lift?

Hi, thanks for your question and photos. It’s very difficult to judge whether a lift will be required when the patient has quite large breasts to begin …Read More