Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement (Micro Fat Transfer) in Perth

Fuller, plumper lips suggest a youthfulness that may have been reduced due to ageing. For others, fuller lips may be desired to complement their facial features.

Micro fat transfer is a natural-looking solution for those wishing to increase the volume of their lips, or to minimise the fine lines that cause lipstick to ‘bleed’ using their own body tissue. Micro fat transfer can also be used to reduce deep facial lines, especially the nasolabial furrows that run between the corners of the mouth and the nose.

Suitable Candidates

A lip enhancement can minimise the appearance of lipstick lines and add lip volume by filling age-related creases along the border of the lips. Most women are suitable candidates, although anyone thinking about undergoing lip enhancement needs to learn about the benefits and risks prior to making a decision.

Patients that have an age-related reduction in lip volume or naturally thin lips usually achieve exceptional results. Anyone who has this procedure should have reasonable expectations and be in overall good health. Normally the surgeon will show you before and after photos of patients so that you can see the results of lip enhancement with fat transfers.

What does the procedure involve?

Fat is removed from an area such as the abdomen or hip and carefully transferred to a fine syringe for re-injection. The lips or other areas to be treated are numbed using local anaesthetic, and the body tissue is then carefully inserted until the desired degree of fullness is attained.

The procedure takes around one hour but will depend on the areas treated. More than one treatment is usually required, especially for the lips, spaced several months apart.

Is a hospital stay necessary?

Micro fat transfer is carried out under local anaesthetic and is performed in a day surgery facility. A hospital stay is not required, unless it is done in conjunction with another lengthy procedure, such as a facelift.


Following the lip enhancement procedure, recovery generally requires little downtime. Usually, patients who have had lip enhancement can return to their regular routine within just a day. During your consultation with Dr Quinn, he will discuss with you what to expect after your procedure to help assist you through the recovery process.

Swelling and some bruising are common following micro fat transfer, especially if the lips have been ‘over-injected’ to allow for some re-absorption, and ice should be applied for the first two to three hours. It may take up to one to two weeks for all the swelling to subside.


What happens during a consultation for lip enhancement?

During a consultation for lip enhancement, the surgeon will discuss your goals, take a thorough medical history, and explain your options. He will go over all aspects of the procedure, including the benefits, the risks, the technique and the costs.

Can I have just one lip done?

Yes, if for example, your lower lip is already pouty you can have just the upper done. One caveat, it is important to make sure you get enough of the product. By only doing a little amount most patients do not get the ideal result they are looking for.

What risks are associated with a lip enhancement?

The specific risks associated with lip enhancement will depend upon the particular technique. In general, however, the following are some of the potential risks that may occur with lip enhancement: allergic reactions, adverse anaesthesia reactions, bleeding, excessive scarring, hematoma, infection, lip asymmetry, and migration and extrusion of the implant. Following the aftercare instructions from your surgeon will help minimise the risks associated with a lip enhancement procedure.

Is lip enhancement painful?

The degree of pain or discomfort associated with lip enhancement will depend upon the particular technique used. There tends to be minimal pain or discomfort associated with injectable fillers, though surgical procedures may involve more pain. If necessary, pain medication can be prescribed.