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Specialist Plastic Surgeons

Plastic Surgery is a medical specialty with its foundation in the reconstruction and restoration of a patient’s physical function and aesthetic appearance after insults or injury. In this way Plastic Surgery heals not only the body but also the psyche. It is not surprising that Aesthetic or Cosmetic Surgery was subsequently born out of this specialty.

It is important to recognise that there is a vast difference between a fully qualified Plastic Surgeon, a Cosmetic Surgeon and/or an individual qualified to undertake an aesthetic procedure.

To achieve the skills required to become a fully qualified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon takes a minimum of 10 years of additional training and specialization over and above the normal 6 year basic medical degree. Cosmetic Surgeons (sometimes referred to as “Facial Plastic Surgeons”) are not qualified Plastic Surgeons and can often have had little more than basic additional training over and above that of a General Practitioner.

With this in mind it is not surprising that qualified Plastic Surgeons such as Dr Paul Quinn offer a much higher degree of safety, a more thorough understanding of surgical techniques and of course a more aesthetically pleasing outcome for reconstructive, plastic and cosmetic procedures.

To identify a fully qualified Plastic Surgeon look for evidence that they are elite members of the AUSTRALIAN SOCIETY OF PLASTIC SURGEONS, or ASPS, and look for the subtitle (PLAS) after their surgical qualification of FRACS.