Cosmetic surgeries are often misunderstood and become the objects of controversy in pop culture. After the media sensationalizes them, the public digs a little deeper, looks past the controversies and accepts the surgeries as a part of society because they are a valid form of self-expression.

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Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) is perhaps one of the most controversial and widely misunderstood cosmetic surgeries of our time. Below, you will find three answers to frequently asked questions about eyelid lift Perth. If you have any further questions about the procedure, we welcome you to contact Quinn Plastic Surgery. We have been serving the Perth community for seven years, giving us experience and knowledge that you can rely on. To schedule an appointment, Call Us At 08-9388-8886 Today!

1. What Problems Does An Eyelid Lift Address?

Eyelid lifts can address a number of cosmetic and medical issues. Generally speaking, there are three different kinds of eyelid lifts: upper blepharoplasty, double eyelid surgery and lower blepharoplasty.

Better Health instructs that an upper blepharoplasty is performed to fix sagging or excessive folding of the upper eyelid, which can strain the facial muscles or negatively affect a person’s vision. A double eyelid surgery, on the other hand, addresses specific appearance issues by creating an upper eyelid crease and by widening the eyes.

Lower blepharoplasties are the most multifunctional of the three. They are used to remove extra skin, smooth fine wrinkles and eliminate fatty deposits that contribute to under-eye puffiness. People who have unsightly bags under their eyes and are concerned about fine lines are the best candidates for this type of procedure.

2. Is An Eyelid Lift A Medically Necessary Procedure Or A Cosmetic Surgery?

The short answer is that an eyelid lift can be both. Medically necessary eyelid lifts are generally performed on older adults whose upper eyelids have sagged to the point that it negatively affects their vision. If you find yourself straining your neck because you tilt your head backward to read, then it may be wise to have an upper blepharoplasty. Similarly, people whose eyelids feel heavy and sore can benefit from the procedure.

If you are considering an eyelid lift but you would like more information, we urge you to call us at Quinn Plastic Surgery. Dr Paul Quinn has more than 16 years of training, so he can answer any questions that you might have. To schedule a consultation, Call Us At 08-9388-8886 Today!




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