Rhinoplasty in Perth

Nose Reshaping (Nose Job)

An enhanced physical appearance improves confidence in both a person’s working and personal life. Rhinoplasty is a procedure that provides an opportunity to reshape the nose to achieve this aim. If breathing difficulties are experienced, a septoplasty may be performed as well to improve breathing by changing the shape or the position of the septum.

Rhinoplasty: What does the operation involve?

In certain cases the operation may be performed through incisions that are kept within each nostril. However, a more accurate alteration to the shape of the nose may be achieved using an open approach, with a short incision across the columella, or central part of the base of the nose. This allows the nasal skin to be elevated and the underlying cartilages and nasal bones to be viewed and reshaped directly. If significant septal work is undertaken nasal packs are often used for 24 – 48 hours.

Rhinoplasty: Is a hospital stay necessary?

Admission to hospital for overnight stay is the choice of most of our patients, however, day surgery is possible in certain circumstances. The majority of patients have their surgery under a general anesthetic although sedation and local anesthetic can be used.

Rhinoplasty: Recovery

Recovery takes around three to four weeks, although the final result may not be achieved for up to a year.

Tapes and a splint are applied to help reduce swelling. The splint remains in place for approximately seven days, and the nasal tapes are left for a few more days after the plaster has been removed. Activities are then gradually resumed, with activities requiring exertion or recreational pursuits not recommended for three to four weeks from the date of the operation.

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