Facelift Surgery in Perth

A facelift Perth is an ideal way to reduce the signs of ageing. The result is a more youthful appearance along with the benefits of feeling comfortable and confident with your appearance.

Facelift: What does the operation involve?
Anatomical studies show that the deeper structures of the face, including ligaments and muscle, are all involved in the ageing process. Facelift surgery involves elevating the tissues of the mid and lower part of the face, as well as tightening and lifting the skin and underlying muscle of the mid and upper neck.

Incisions are kept hidden in the hair bearing areas or in the intricate folds at the front of the ear. If the tissues of the neck require tightening, a short incision is placed just beneath the chin. The loosened and stretched ligaments, muscle and fascia are restored and sculpting of the neck fat may be performed if necessary.

Once the deeper structures have been treated, the overlying facial skin is re-draped and any excess skin is removed.

Facelift surgery may be combined with surgery of the eyes and brow if desired.

Under certain circumstances facelifts can be performed under local anaesthetic, with or without sedation, depending on the complexity of the surgery.

Facelift: Is a hospital stay necessary?

The operation may be performed as a day case procedure, but an overnight stay in hospital is recommended.

Facelift: Recovery

A support garment, available from Dr Quinn’s rooms, is advised in the post-operative period. Stitches will be used immediately following surgery and patients are advised to sleep with the head and shoulders elevated for the first seven to ten days after the operation.

It is common to experience some swelling and bruising, and by two to three weeks the majority of swelling will have disappeared and a slow return to normal quiet activities may occur. Full recovery takes three to four weeks.

Although you will be aware of a significant change in your appearance, your friends and associates may not be quite so perceptive. It is common for people to receive comments such as “you look very refreshed” and as a result we advise patients to be prepared for varying reactions among family and friends you come in contact with following the procedure.

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