Eyelid lift (Blepharoplasty)

The eyes and the eyelids form one of the most expressive features of the face. Surgery can help improve eyes to look bright and alert and give the face a fresh, rejuvenated appearance.

Eyelid Surgery: What does the operation involve?

Eyelid surgery may involve either the lower or upper lids or both.
In the upper eyelid, a crescent of skin and underlying muscle is removed from the region of the eyelid fold. It may also be necessary to remove some of the fat behind the upper eyelid. This may be combined with a procedure to raise the height of the eyelid or recreate the fold of the upper eyelid.

In the lower eyelid, an approach may be made from the inside of the eyelid to remove fat. This procedure is used if there is only a small amount of loose skin present.

If the lower eyelid margin has lost some of its elasticity, a correction can be achieved by tightening the eyelid margin. Excision of lower eyelid skin is undertaken only if there is obvious redundant skin once the outer corner of the eyelids has been replaced in its correct position. In these cases, an incision is placed just beneath the eyelid margin and eyelashes.

Eyelid Lift: Is a hospital stay necessary?

The procedure may be performed under local or general anaesthetic. A stay in hospital is not required, but may be arranged if preferred.

Eyelid Lift: Recovery

The eyes need to be rested following the operation and will need cool packs to be applied for the next one to two days.
The operation is not painful and paracetamol tablets should be all that is required to maintain a satisfactory level of comfort.
The majority of swelling should disappear after the first seven to ten days, but it may take up to two to three months for complete healing.

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