Breast Enlargement and Augmentation in Perth

The appearance of a woman’s breasts is extremely important to her. Breast augmentation provides the opportunity to improve a woman’s shape and enjoy the benefits of improved confidence and quality of life.

Breast Augmentation: What does the operation involve?

Breast augmentation Perth is an operation in which implants are used to increase the size of the breasts. The operation produces a full, more rounded profile, but will not lift breasts if they have dropped to a significant degree.

An incision is placed in the skin fold beneath the breast or around the lower half of the nipple. Some women prefer to keep the incision well away from the breast so it may be placed in the armpit. Implants are then inserted to increase the size of the breasts and produce a full and more rounded profile.

The sizes of implants vary in size (150 ccs to 500 ccs), shape (round or tear drop), filling material (silicone gel or saline) and surface (smooth or textured). The implant may be placed directly behind the breast tissue or partly under the pectoral muscle of the chest wall.
During your consultation, Dr. Quinn will help you decide on the best technique in your particular case.

Breast Augmentation: Is a hospital stay necessary?

The operation is performed under a general anesthetic and an overnight stay in hospital is often required as suction drains will usually be necessary for 24-hours. However, surgery in a Day Procedure Centre is available if preferred.

Breast Augmentation: Recovery

A support bra must be worn for two to three weeks after the operation. A return to work is usually possible after a week to ten days, however strenuous exercise is best avoided for several weeks.

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